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- Steam and Thermal Oil Boilers
- Combi / Composite Boilers
- Economizers (Exhaust Gas Boilers)
- Steam and cooling water piping systems

Boiler cleaning beforeBoiler cleaning after

Economiser after high pressure cleaning

Chemical (technical) cleaning mild (carbon) steel:

New buildings:
To remove protective layers like Japanese Black or (mill) scale from new piping and plates, chemical technical cleaning is necessary. Remaining impurities can cause contamination with product flowing through or flakes / particles of scale can get stuck within hydraulic piping systems / pumps.

Ships in services:
Pollution by scale / cargo / oil in steam systems is one of the main reasons that these systems and / or boilers need to be chemical technical cleaned.
This pollution causes low heat transfer, but in worst case leakages in the piping system or even high risk of explosion in the boiler.

Works at workshop and on site:
Descaling (removal of mill scale) for new or repaired piping can be executed in our workshop by immersion in pickling bath.
For newbuilding projects or existing systems, our teams can execute the works on site by circulation of the systems with specific chemicals, worldwide.

INOX Surface Treatment B.V. has the expertise, equipment and chemicals to solve these problems.
Works can be carried out in INOX workshops by bath pickling as well ON SITE by circulation, both for new buildings as for ships in service, all over the world.

Chemical Technical Cleaning by circulation