INOX Surface Treatment BV

Specialists in stainless steel and carbon steel surface treatment.


Inox Surface Treatment B.V.

Industrieweg 9b

3286BW Klaaswaal

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 186 - 572 443

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VCA certificate



INOX Surface Treatment BV provides specialists to advice & supervise works to be carried out by shipyard employees or (local) subcontractors / ship crew.

For certain works we advise to contract our teams for performing these specialist works, depending on the kind of surface treatment works and eventually yard / owner circumstances we have the possibility to carry out the works under supervision of an INOX Supervisor.

INOX Supervisors have the skills and experience to make a procedure / planning and to manage projects carried out by other workers / contractors. INOX will perform the services and works necessary to complete the work in the manner and within the cost and time frame required and will report the progress of the works daily.

INOX will be at your service for your surface 24/7 worldwide

Discussing about work to be doneINOX Project Manager during Work Meeting